Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GetResponse vs. Aweber

Product 1Product 2
Hosted on Their Servers
Good E-mail Delivery
Optional Video E-mails
Internet Marketing FriendlyOkay but not as friendly
Easy Editor
Affiliate Program
Good Support
Allows List Imports
Advanced Statistics
Price$15 for First 1,000 Subscribers$19 for First 500 Subscribers
Product 1Product 2

Both GetResponse and Aweber are very good autoresponders that will get the job done in terms of being a great way for you to send broadcast e-mails, autoresponder e-mails, etc. out to your list.  They're far better than a lot of the alternatives out there, especially hosting your own autoresponder script.

Ultimately at the end of the day, you'll probably be happy with either service and won't run into any major issues with either.  Both have very easy editors, allow multiple campaigns, have great support, and have great delivery (don't believe was some say about 99%+ delivery -- that's not really in the real world ... but having said that, both are exceptionally good).

However, personally, I believe that GetResponse is the clear winner for a few reasons:

  • GetResponse seems to add more and more features for free over the years compared to Aweber
  • They also allow you to import your lists from elsewhere without the need for them to opt-in again (forcing your list to re-opt-in can make you lose a HUGE chunk of the list) following a special algorithm that prevents crap lists from getting imported but allows legitimate ones.
  • They're slightly more friendly towards internet marketers from everything I've seen.
  • They're slightly easier to use in my opinion (but Aweber is also pretty easy -- don't get me wrong).
  • And they're cheaper not only to start with ($15 for 1,000 subscribers vs. $19 for 500 subscribers), but as the list grows, they're cheaper as well.

That's why ultimately at the end of the day, if you're looking for an autoresponder, I think you need to go with GetResponse.


Monday, June 17, 2013

GetResponse Reviews

Overall Rating (out of 5):

There are a lot of reviews out there for GetResponse.  Many are simply by affiliates looking to earn a quick buck and not caring about a real review (whether it's for GetResponse or against it to promote another autoresponder), while others are by people who don't really know what they're talking about or just had one bad experience.

I hate those kinds of reviews just as much as the next guy, which is why I wanted to do two things here:  1) give my own review of GetResponse and 2) try to sum up what a lot of the other reviews about GetResponse say, so you can get the good and the bad all in one spot and make your own decision.  

GetResponse, as you should hopefully know, is a hosted autoresponder server that allows you to setup autoresponder messages, broadcasts, etc. for your current or future e-mail subscribers.  An autoresponder is a MUST have for any business, and GetResponse definitely is one of the top five autoresponders out there.

Like with any autoresponder, you want one that has good deliverability for your e-mails and is easy to use, and GetResponse delivers on both of those.  You also want one that updates with new features as the market changes and stays with the times, which GetResponse has done over the years.

Below I outlined several of the pros and cons of GetResponse both from my own personal opinion, as well as from tons of other reviews and comments I've seen from GetResponse users.

Product Pros:
  • Great delivery compared to other autoresponders
  • Internet marketing friendly
  • Very easy to use
  • Good support
  • Allows you to import lists (but checks for crap lists)
  • Has advanced statistics and features like included optional video e-mails
  • It's the cheapest price I've seen for the subscribers, delivery, and quality
Product Cons:
  • Their import list feature allows you to import your e-mail subscribers from elsewhere, but their "filters" that judge if your list is acceptable or not sometimes blocks legitimate lists (so your only hope is to e-mail them and explain your situation)
  • Like with any hosted autoresponder, bigger lists can get to be quite expensive, but the only other option is to host an autoresponder script yourself, but that can be a nightmare and ruin your deliverability (and thus your sales)
  • When someone unsubscribes, it asks them why they unsubscribe, and all the options pretty much are negative -- there's no "I just didn't want these e-mails any more" option
In conclusion, there's a handful of good autoresponders out there like Aweber, iContact, Constant Contact, etc. as well, but GetResponse stands out from them in my opinion because not only is it very affordable to start out, it's also very affordable as your list grows compared to the alternatives.  And on top of that, it has great deliverability, good support, and always stays up to date with new free features.

And an added bonus is that they allow you to import your old leads, even if it sometimes can falsely show a good list being bad or visa versa, but usually this is easy to clear up with their support if it happens (it's not like you'll be importing your old leads every day...).  Another added bonus is that they have a service called Get Subscribers where you can pay for leads that sign up for your list based on ads that they show on their network.

So even though there are some other good autoresponders out there, when you factor in all the variables, I personally believe that GetResponse is by far the clear winner.

And to take advantage of GetResponse, I encourage you to sign up below: